Airbus plans to takeover cybersecurity firm Atos

Airbus plans

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Airbus, a European aerospace and defense corporation, has expressed interest in acquiring Atos’ cybersecurity unit. Atos shares increased by 3% after rising as high as 4% in early trading.

Airbus had been looking into the possibility of acquiring Atos in recent weeks, owing to its interest in the issue of cybersecurity. Any cybersecurity activity that was for sale could be of interest to Thales.

As a result, the group decided against buying Atos as a whole because it had little interest in the French firm’s other businesses.

Thales, a French defense conglomerate, had approached private equity companies about a joint bid and break-up and was working on a proposal to buy the company.

As the US Federal Reserve begins its rate-hike cycle, investors are scrambling to figure out whether monetary policy pressure the market can sustain.

Inflation is wreaking havoc on people’s ability to buy basic necessities, so raising rates should help. However, it runs the risk of stifling growth and triggering a recession.

The rapidity of rate hikes and the tightening of the economy’s balance sheet, on the other hand, could be a drag on the economy.

The Treasury market reflected some concerns about future growth, with rates on some narrower Treasuries increasing above yields on longer-dated Treasuries, indicating that investors perceive economic hazards ahead.

Fed policymakers have begun to discount the new risks to the global economy, lowering their GDP growth forecast for 2022 to 2.8 percent.

Following a reduced annual loss aided by the success of Marvel’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” Cineworld anticipates its performance to improve this year due to pent-up demand and a full slate of films.

The pretax deficit of the world’s second-largest movie theatre company shrank to $708.3 million last year.

The dramatic relief surge that accompanied the Federal Reserve’s first rise in interest rates in nearly three years subsided as European stock markets opened largely higher on Thursday.

In February, EU car sales plunged 6.7 percent, marking the worst month for European automobile production since the conflict began. At $1.105, the euro moved up 0.2 percent.
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