9 Amazing Crypto Trading Platforms 2020


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So, you want to start Bitcoin trading but don’t know where to start?


You just can’t get enough of crypto?

If this is the case with you too, then this article should be on your bucket list.

You must have heard that the internet revolutionized the world, but the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin also gave a kind of global revolution. This crypto world is heating up unprecedentedly and showing no signs of cooling off in the near future. More and more newbies are coming daily.

While many are coming in the crypto community for earning a bit, some are here to take a dip into the technology. However, we should not forget that every crypto expert we have today was once a beginner only. Therefore, it’s never too late to start. With the right kind of attitude, resources, and self-education, you will surely succeed.

Since the time Bitcoin was launched, there had been so many crypto exchange platforms and apps developed. But, despite having so many options it is quite challenging to make a choice. Because not every crypto trading platform is suitable as per your needs and requirements. However, you don’t need to worry till the time we’re here. Here, we’ll provide you with the best list of crypto exchanges.

But, before moving to our required list, let’s just first know the factors one should consider in his mind while choosing a platform to trade.

5 Things to Consider While Choosing a Bitcoin Platform

  1. Trading Fee: If you really want to start trading, then the first and foremost thing which should matter to you is the fees the platform is going to charge on every transaction. Every bitcoin trading exchange charges variably based on a plethora of factors. Also, make sure you understand all the types of fees and other related information before selecting the “one” for you.
  1. Safety & Security: What will be the use of a trading platform if you just lose all your money in seconds? Therefore, make sure to check all the security measure points before jumping into choosing the exchange platform. However, fortunately, most bitcoin platforms understand this thing and maintain a stiff control of their security policies.
  1. Reputation: Probably the best thing to verify the authenticity of your platform is by knowing the platform’s reputation among its previous clients and market. One way to choose a good exchange is by going through the reviews by individual users and well-established websites. You can also raise your queries on forums such as Reddit and BitcoinTalk.
  1. Payment Options: Always choose a trading platform that has a variety of payment options (or at least the one you need). Credit card, debit card, PayPal, wire transfer, etc. are some of the very common methods available at good bitcoin trading platforms. And Yes! Choose the most affordable one.
  1. Customer Support: Prior to signing up for any platform, just check the customer support response time. If you really don’t want your queries to be solved weeks or months later, then surely have some check on this. This will also differentiate between a good exchange platform and an average one.
  1. Other factors: Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are some other points to consider before choosing your bitcoin exchange platform. Some of them are the liquidity of assets being traded on the platform, user-interface difficulty, requirements for verification, geographical representation of the platform, exchange rate, etc.

We’re pretty sure that you must have got some idea on how to choose your bitcoin trading platform or at least what to look at while choosing it. Now, let us move to the points for which you have been reading all this stuff, i.e. trading platforms upon which you can blindly rely. We have filtered the best platforms for you so that you don’t have to wander to any other place. Have a look at the list!!!

9 Best Crypto Trading Websites 2020

  1. Bitfinex: The number one trading platform on our list is Bitfinex and we also have significant reasons to do so. Firstly, Bitfinex is one of the most respected and oldest cryptocurrency trading platforms in the market. Plus, it always has a huge volume in terms of trading so one need not worry about the liquidity.
  1. CEX: Probably the only platform you will find in every good crypto trading exchanges list is CEX.io. Operating since 2013 and based in the UK, it is one of the most reputed trading websites. Easy interface and debit card acceptance are some features which make it favourite in the beginners market.
  1. CoinCorner: This is the most trusted and regulated exchange platform when it comes to bitcoin trading system. A wide range of payment options, good customer support, video tutorials, and vast geographical area covered are some of its features. The best thing about this website is that it requires no verification for purchases under £100. Isn’t that amazing?
  1. Coinbase: A much respected and quite popular exchange in the crypto community is the Coinbase. It has the largest customer base in the world. Based in the UK only, you can buy BTC and other cryptos in two ways on it, i.e. through debit/credit cards or fiat deposits.
  1. Binance Jersey: Not many people know about this extension of very popular crypto exchange Binance. One of the most trusted Bitcoin exchanges in the UK. They accept payments via fiat deposits with a 0% fee. You can easily trade on Binance Jersey and withdraw your money whenever you want to your bank account.
  1. Bitcoin ATMs: This is also a very simple and effective way of buying Bitcoins in the UK. These are generally people’s favourite because these don’t ask for any ID for purchases. A quick, easy and private way, but the only problem is to find a Bitcoin trading ATM in your locality. Also, they charge 5-10% fees because of convenience and privacy rendered.
  1. Coinmama: An all-in-one exchange in the crypto community with over 200,000 operations taking place every day. Coinmama is amazing for purchasing BTC and other altcoins. It sets a daily transaction limit for every customer but, the more personal information provided by you, the more upper limit you will get. However, the lowest limit is still $10,000 – Quite high for many!!!
  1. Bitpanda: Often called, “Europe’s Coinbase”, it is one of the favourite crypto exchange websites in Europe. Can you guess where this website is based? Europe? Naah!!! It is an Australian website that provides clients with easy and convenient trading tools. People can buy coins using fiats like USD, EUR, GBP, and CHF.    
  1. Changehero: A very interesting and popular service based in the UK, Changehero lets you swap one cryptocurrency for another. Similarly, if you have any other currency or crypto with yourself, you can anytime exchange it for BTC at Changehero.

Now, you’re up with the 9 best platforms which you can use for bitcoin crypto trading. If there’s anything we would like to suggest you is the crypto market is very dynamic and changes its position much faster than its counterparts. Thus, it becomes very crucial to have some crypto trading strategy in your mind before you enter this market. And obviously, we would always be there to help you whenever you need some help.

But till then, Good Luck!!!


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