7 Top-Notch Hedge Fund Books For Every Trader

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7 Top-Notch Hedge Fund Books for Every Trader: Hedge Funds are becoming popular at an unprecedented rate. The interest of youth in hedge funds and its trading style have grown significantly in the last five years. The reason is easier accessibility than ever before and the expansion of ETFs. However, the significant chunk of the public is still unaware of the enormous potential of hedge funds. One great way to kick off would be by reading good books. But what books to start?

Below is the list of seven best books on hedge funding. You will discover some of the most exciting topics and things about it. For instance, an author describes fund managers as masters of the universe!!! Yes, find the book yourself from the list.

We’ll now meet at the end part!

7 Best Hedge Fund Books 2020

1. All about Hedge Funds

All about hedge funds: the easy way to get started, by Robert A. Jaeger, is the perfect starter book for all novice hedge fund traders. This book will give you a broader picture of the hedge industry and introduce you with several related market theories. Moreover, this book gradually moves from the merits and demerits of several theories like a random walk, diversification theory, and many more, to explaining tools for hedging portfolios.

One would also get insights into how to read a fund financially, legally, and operationally for buying or selling. This book is highly recommended to the novice traders whose base foundation is not healthy about hedge funds. The easy to understand text and concepts explained lucidly are the strong points for it.

Thus, this is the perfect book to know the hedge funds.

2. Hedge Hogging

What could be the better second book on our list than the autobiography of the legend hedge fund manager Barton Biggs? Hedge Hogging is the insight of his trading life and mind and would probably introduce him to the world from the investors and financial analyser’s view. Barton is the founder of Billion Dollar hedge fund – Traxis Partners and worked with the investment banking firm Morgan Stanley for 30 years.

This book is the comprehensive text of all his life experience and lessons most excitingly and funnily. This book includes some of his personal life stories, how he founded Traxis Partners and details about his career in Morgan Stanley.

The reflection of lessons learned and mistakes made by him is so readable that anybody can relate their lives. Further, this could be the most effortless read and shall let you know how fund managers view their funds, risk, client, and all of their surroundings.

3. More Money than God

Hedge Funds and the Making of a New Elite: This book is as impressive as its name. Moreover, people believe it to be a must-read for everybody, no matter their field. This book explains how Alfred Winslow Jones started Hedge funds in the 1950-60s, and how it performed until 2008, the Great Recession.

Further, this book argues that hedge funds can perform easily better than the market aggregate. Also, this book, by Sebastian Mallaby, covers a lot of behind the scene stories related to the structural development of the hedging funds.

One would get the experience from the interviews of the world-class hedgers and shall understand the mindset of people who trade in millions daily. What more? The book won the 2011 Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism. 

Fun Fact: Most people who have read this book have recommended it to be in the top 10 books ever on finance.

4. Hedge Funds

Definitive Strategies and Techniques: Now this book is one step ahead, and includes ten comprehensive chapters on hedge funds written by industry legends. A bit complex but all in one, this book is data and calculation heavy suitable for advanced and experienced traders. Each chapter is like small publishing and would let you understand different concepts and how to execute them.

It contains everything from risk management & measurements to performance evaluation, from strategies to alternative asset classes, this book covers everything in detail with style.

This book is developed by IMCA, Investment Management Consultants Association, which is the organisation of best investment brains that have spent their lives in hedge funding.

Moreover, one would also know the advantages and disadvantages of each concept and is only suitable for the traders who either are deep into investments or want to dive into it.

5. The Hedge Fund Book

A training manual for professionals and capital raising executives: Now, here comes the case study filled guide for individuals looking for a promising hedge fund’s career. Readers will get the chance to understand the analysis of several significant hedge funds at different stages of their lives, introducing and explaining useful information for traders and investors, both.

This book, written by Richard Wilson, a hedge fund consultant himself, in a classroom textbook format. Moreover, this book is a curriculum read for individuals going for the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) course. One would get the insight into the daily operations of hedge funds and their managers, and how they market and trade it.

However, please make your foundation secure before picking this work of Wilson. The case study and real-life example approach make one learn much quicker and better.

6. The Economist Guide to Hedge Funds

What They are, What They do, Their Risks, and Their Advantages: This book, written by Philip Cogan, editor for the Buttonwood Column in The Economist. The book contains six different chapters and explains hedge fund taxations, hedge fund regulations, players of it, points in favour and against the hedge funds, funds of funds, and the future of them, respectively.

Philip argues that the hedge fund managers are the masters of this universe and earn more than anyone on this planet. Moreover, he utters that the best fund managers make which financial managers can’t even think of! Everything is explained clearly and concisely for users.

At last, you would also get the idea of the bridge between a typical man/fund manager and an excellent hedge manager.

7. Market-Neutral Investing

Long/Short Hedge Fund Strategies: The last book on our list is by Joseph Nicolas. The book focuses on a specific kind of strategies, i.e. Market-Neutral Investing or Long/Short Hedge Fund Strategies. These trading styles are popular in volatile market situations as it emphasises more on risk management. For instance, in 2016, the market was unusually volatile, and the ones who executed any of the Market Neutral techniques outperformed the market aggregate.

Further, each strategy, by Joseph, is evaluated and explained by the use of historical data and examples to make it smooth for novice traders too. There are eight different types of long/short techniques discussed and used with the database of several thousand hedge funds.

So, this was our list of best hedge fund books ever. But, which book should I pick first??? You can start with our first book on the list, i.e. All about Hedge Funds. Now, let’s wrap things up!

The Conclusion – Hedge Fund Books

Many people do not like reading books and regard it as a conventional approach to learning. But, call us old-school or not, we always recommend reading books. We believe books have that magic of efficient learning, and also, not everything on our books is available on the internet. Moreover, online publications or data is not as trustworthy as a hard copy.

If you are anyways interested in hedge funding, then we would say start by reading the books and soak all the knowledge.

Furthermore, one does not need to stress out regarding the quality of boos because we have shortlisted some of the best works here. Legends write these after researching and analysing data for years.

And, once again,

Happy Reading!!!