7 Tips and 3 Traps to Select Best Hedge Fund

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Select Your Best Hedge Fund With 7 Tips and 3 Traps: If you have just decided to expand your investment portfolio and spend some part on hedge funds but do not know where to get started, then you landed at the right destination. It is not complicated. Here is a straight forward explanation of hedge funds.

A right hedge fund would get you unmatchable returns and most of the times above the market gains. But, the problem lies in how to choose the best one. Thus, here are some must-read tips to help you choose the right and the best hedge fund.

Tips To Choose The Best Hedge Fund

Take Time

Hedge fund investments are massive capital spending, and a small mistake can cause you thousands of dollars. Remember, there is no particular shortcut in choosing a hedge fund pool.

For instance, there are more than 500 hedge funds along in the UK. And, all of them say that they are unique and better than others. It is also true to an extent because most of them use different techniques to earn money and have varied risk and return ambitions.

Thus, it’s crucial to examine to find your type of fund carefully.

Know The Objective

There should be no hitch in understanding your potential hedge fund. You are investing your money, and you must be aware of the necessary details. Ask your manager whatever you want. Some suggestions from us would be – ask about the types of financial instruments they invest in and the volatility expected. A high return symbolizes high risk, which is not the right choice for the long term.

Age of The Fund

The ideology is – the older your fund would be, less shall be the chances of it failing. One should also look for its performance in its previous years and how the fund handled the market crashes and corrections.

Consider the Size of Fund

Generally, significant sized pooled funds do not give high returns because they want to make sure that they don’t lose clients money. And, small hedge funds offer comparatively high returns because a good investment in any field would lift the whole portfolio.

Thus, choose accordingly as per your needs and requirements. The goal of not every hedge fund and investor is to earn a high profit; some people only want to preserve their wealth.


It is the most important thing for an investor, i.e. value or the minimum amount. Not anyone can come and invest in hedge funds; they have their criteria and minimum eligibility requirements. People with high net worth can invest in them only, and thus, you must look at the minimum investment required. Some hedge funds require as much as minimum tens of millions of Euros, while some might require tens of thousands.

Be Motivated

The market is an uncertain place and moves up and down frequently. Thus, it is also vital that you do not lose your motivation in downfalls. Being patient and persistence would get you desired results. When the market corrects itself, your manager will invest in that too!

Management Fee

The management fee is the cut your manager will take in exchange for handling your amount. The most common amount is 20% of the total profits plus a fixed amount. But the percentage can go up to 50%. However, these are high performing and powerful hedge funds.

But, consider your needs and then decide.

So, these were the best tips one must consider while choosing a hedge fund. Note that its easier to read these tips than implement them in real-time situations. People get confused and do not know what to do despite reading all strategies.

But, do you know not all hedge funds are not worth your money. The question is which ones to avoid? Below is the list of trap hedge fund, read it, and you’ll know.

Beware of These Trap Hedge Funds

High Return Funds

The first trap is something for which most people fall. Let’s assume we have two options, one, a fund with a 25% return with 40% risk and second, a fund with 5% return and 2% risk. Most of the people here will choose the former one because of the high yield.

It is a significant loophole which is getting bigger with each day. And, because of this bad habit of people, most hedge fund managers also try to get the best return. But hello! It is not the manager’s money; it is yours! If they lose, your payment will be lost, and if they win, they’ll get a good cut out of your profits.

However, in counter to this, most investors argue that if we want returns, we must take risks. It’s not the case; there are other methods too! For example, choose a low risky portfolio and use the margin or leverage option to maximize your returns.

Skewed Funds

It is the further type of high return traps. It’s a common trap in which beginner, as well as experienced investors, fall. These are the fund managers who invest aggressively and take high risks. As a result, they get high returns. But, these are not volatile pools; in fact, these are continuously growing hedge funds. The manager, when the market falls, goes short or bets on falling prices, and thus, earning from his every move. However, these kinds of hedge fund pools are building a big bubble by investing aggressively, and when the bubble bursts, the value of them fall very sharply.

If we try to imagine its growth graph, then it would be continuously growing until it suddenly falls and dips to the bottom.

Hostile Selection

An adverse selection is a situation when someone tries to sell you something without giving full information about the product or service. For example, the people who pick life insurances are that people who either have some health issue or follow an anti-healthy lifestyle. These people hide their true health from insurance companies (the sufferers of hostile or adverse selections).

If someone is trying hard to sell you their pooled hedge fund, then chances are there is some flaw in it. The reason is hedge fund managers do not need to prove their worth, and people believe in them from inception.

In other words, if it is that much good then why are they selling it?

So, this was the whole post from us. We read some trap funds to avoid and before that, some tips to keep in mind. Now let us head towards ending this article.

The Bottom Line

There are several alternative investment types available in the market. Apart from hedge funds, it includes venture capitals, private equity funds, real estate, and many more. But, the point is to make the right decision regarding your spending. Here you can get knowledge by reading or analysing 7 Top-Notch Hedge Fund Books which help you a lot in future.

If chose rightly, a hedge fund can also be very active and hard-working investment choice without you putting any efforts. But the whole point gets halt when it comes on how to choose the right one. Don’t worry! Here is the perfect guide to selecting the best hedge fund pool as per your needs and requirements. Read every step carefully!

At last, remember, do not think of taking much risk here and you must go with registered managers only. After all, you are spending a big chunk!